Birmingham Academy of Chinese Language and Culture (BACLC) School

Chinese Calligraphy by the Chairman of China UK Cultural Exchange to BACLC, Mr Jun Xu

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About Us

Our excellent teachers and management team – their passion, dedication and professionalism – are at the heart of BACLC’s success.

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New classroom based teaching at Edgbaston Community Centre!

We are looking for Temporary Supply Teachers and Teaching Assistants!

Welcome to our school

Our Vision

Birmingham Academy of Chinese Language and Culture (BACLC) is a supplementary education centre, with the aim of helping children from the Chinese communities as well as all communities in Birmingham to develop not only their Chinese language skills but also a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and the multicultural cosmopolitan British society. We want to cultivate their interests in Chinese cultural activities to maintain Chinese traditions in modern British society. Consequently, they will gain more cultural confidence in a multicultural environment, lay a solid foundation for their future career and build a balanced view towards the world for their future life. …….. READ MORE

Welcome to the HAPPY FAMILY of Birmingham Academy of Chinese Language and Culture!

Curriculum and Teaching Resources


Classic Chinese Series > (Sunday 9.00am-11.00am)
Classic Chinese Level (1) covers the ‘Chinese Phonics’ textbook and ‘Preschool Chinese’ textbooks 3 and 4.

Classic Chinese Levels (2) to (4) cover two ‘Chinese Language’ textbooks in every academic year.

Exam Class Series > (Sunday mornings 9.00am-11.00am)
2022 GCSE class for AQA will start in September 2021, with a duration of half a year, and the exam will begin in spring 2022.

2023 GCSE class for AQA and Edexcel will start in September 2021, with a duration of one and half a year, and the exam will begin in spring 2023.

A – Level Mandarin Chinese classes begins in September every year. It is a two-year course using Edexcel textbooks, with exams taken at the end of the second year of entry.

Happy Chinese Series > (Sunday 2.00pm-3.00pm)
Happy Chinese Level (1) covers the ‘Chinese Phonics ‘ textbook and ‘Preschool Chinese’ textbooks 1 and 2.

Happy Chinese Level (2) covers ‘Preschool Chinese’ textbooks 3 to 4.

Chinese Culture Training Series > (Sunday 12.00pm-1.00pm)
Presentation Skills and Performing Arts classes give children professional training of performing arts, adjusting their Chinese pronunciations and developing their presentation styles through cultural activities, with an aim to cultivate their self-confidence and personalities. The training is designed on the basis of the Youth Chinese Oral Test.

Please see the details of the YCT Oral tests shown as follows.
YCT Test Link

Public Lecture Series > (Sunday 11.00am -11.30am)
The Biblical Studies Class is a free public class that combines biblical scholarship with a cultural curriculum for children and young people, providing religious enlightenment through illustrations and animations of biblical stories.

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Children’s Bible online study resources:


Teaching Resources

Our Mandarin Programme adopts a series of textbooks from Jinan University, including the textbook of ‘Chinese Phonics’, ‘Preschool Chinese’, and ‘Chinese Language’. This series of textbooks was commissioned by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

BACLC stresses the actual needs and characteristics of overseas Chinese language education, taking into consideration options provided by various agencies on the basis of vigorous research. Based on student age, learning environment and cognitive development, the textbook is scientifically arranged in terms of words, phrases, sentences and texts. Homework is designed in a progressive manner to cultivate students’ interests in Chinese language learning, and inspire them to think positively in Mandarin Chinese.

Birmingham Academy of Chinese Language and Culture (BACLC) School

Traditional Chinese Calligraphy by Chinese calligraphy and paining artist, Mr Siqi Li,  to BACLC

Traditional Chinese Paper Cutting and Chinese Calligraphy by Chairman of China UK Cultural Exchange, Dr Jianyi Liu,  to BACLC

Enrolment Process

Step 1:Contact us via phone or email, and complete assessment.
Step 2:Offer of a place from the Academy and acceptance of the offer.
Step 3:Free trial lessons, payment of tuition fees and register as a student of the Academy.

Contact Details

Please contact us in Mandarin Chinese or English
Ms Yuzhi Jin: 07905486027
Ms Xiping Shinnie: 07585076756

Please contact us in Cantonese Chinese
Ms Qiaoyan Lin: 07817178910
Ms Nana Zhao: 07825001557

Email Address:

Birmingham Academy of Chinese Language and Culture (BACLC) School

New Classroom Based Teaching!

Edgbaston Community Centre, 40 Woodview Drive, Birmingham B15 2HU
Contact us for more information.

Job Opportunities

Recruitment: Temporary Supply Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Details of the Post:
1. Working hours: 9.00 am-11.00 am or 2.00 pm-4.00 pm every Sunday.
2. Salaries are negotiable.

Personal Specifications:
1. A bachelor’s degree or higher, with preference given to graduates in linguistics and applicants with a master’s or a doctoral degree.
2. Excellent skills in both English and Mandarin Chinese with relevant work experience.
3. Good classroom management capabilities, with a caring attitude towards all students.
4. A responsible individual with good team spirit.
5. British national or other nationals with a valid visa to live and work in the UK.

Contact us for more information.

Community Events and Cultural Activities

Please contact us to join our WeChat and WhatsApp groups.
So you can see more updates of our forthcoming 2020-2021 Academic Year Award Ceremony on 8th August 2021 as well as our weekly open lecture of free Biblical Studies Class.